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Truck Transmission & Clutch Repair Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Fleet Transmission & Clutch Service in Dallas, Fort Worth

Mechanic performing transmission repairs at Accelerated Fleet Services

Looking for a heavy-duty repair shop in Dallas, Fort Worth that repairs heavy-duty clutches? If so, you’ve found us. Accelerated Fleet Services offers clutch repair to heavy-duty fleets of all sizes. Whether you’ve got 5 trucks or 50, we’ve got you covered.

Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Clutch

Sticky Clutch

When pressing down on your clutch, does it not come up as fast as it once did? Does it not come back up at all? If so, the clutch may be ready to fail. A failing clutch is one that’s bound to cause you trouble, for it’s the only component that connects your transmission to your engine. If it fails, your transmission won’t receive power, which immobilizes your entire drivetrain. At Accelerated Fleet Services, we’ll repair your clutch and get you back out on the road before you know it!

Grinding Sounds

Is your transmission making grinding sounds when you shift gears? If so, you may have a warped or damaged clutch. If it’s warped, it won’t be making as seamless of a power transfer as it needs to, hence the grinding sounds.

Important Transmission Maintenance

Maintaining your heavy-duty transmission is of the utmost importance. Changing your transmission fluid at proper service intervals is a surefire way to lengthen the lifespan of your clutch and keep the component operating at an adequate temperature. The average service interval for transmission fluid is 30 to 60 thousand miles. Your service interval may fall outside of that range depending on what you use your truck for.

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