Truck General Diesel Repair Repair Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Fleet General Diesel Repair Service in Dallas, Fort Worth

Mechanic performing general diesel repairs at Accelerated Fleet Services

Accelerated Fleet Services provides a wide array of repair and maintenance services to fleets in and around Dallas, Fort Worth. Whether you need basic preventive maintenance or large-scale repairs, we’ve got your back. Below you will find a list summarizing some of Accelerated Fleet Services’ major services.

Minor Repairs Provided by Accelerated Fleet Services

One of the most popular services we provide is what we call Minor Repairs. Finding a repair shop that accepts small repair jobs can be difficult for most prioritize larger jobs. However, we here at Accelerated Fleet Services recognize that small problems can be an inconvenience to drivers and fleet managers, and may even cascade into future problems. Regardless of what your minor repair needs are, you can count on Accelerated Fleet Services to have your back. From changing exterior lights to repairing a cargo securement point and everything in between, we’re your one stop shop for minor repairs.

Common Services Provided by Accelerated Fleet Services

Powertrain & Drivetrain Service

Your powertrain and drivetrain are two of the most important systems within a heavy-duty truck. On the one hand, your powertrain produces enormous amounts of power which in turn allows your truck to haul nearly a hundred thousand pounds. On the other hand, your drivetrain effectively distributes this power to the correct places to facilitate this hauling.

At Accelerated Fleet Services, our powertrain and drivetrain services are extensive. Whether you need engine repair, basic maintenance, or large-scale repair for your drivetrain components, we’ve got you covered.

Aftertreatment Services

Accelerated Fleet Services offers aftertreatment services for EGR systems, DPFs, SRC catalysts, and DOC catalysts. Whether you need one of these components repaired, installed, or maintained, you can count on Accelerated Diesel Services to have your back. We do everything from fixing seized EGR valves to forced regeneration.

Specialty Services

At Accelerated Fleet Services, we offer a wide variety of specialty services to customers in and around Dallas, Fort Worth. They are as follows: Lift gate installations, Moffett installations, welding service, and custom fabrication.

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