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Truck Exhaust System Repair Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Fleet Exhaust System Service in Dallas, Fort Worth

Mechanic performing Exhaust system repairs at Accelerated Fleet Services

Heavy-duty exhaust systems are designed to treat the emissions produced by your engine and funnel them away from your passenger compartment. Call Accelerated Fleet Services today to get your exhaust repaired or maintained. We service fleets of all kinds throughout Dallas, Fort Worth.

DPFs Explained

Your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is responsible for capturing soot, carbon, and other diesel pollutants before they reach our natural atmosphere. DPFs are integrated directly into your exhaust tubing and, as such, all of the emissions coming from your engine must pass through it. Although DPFs have a finite storage capacity, they have self-cleaning modes that free up space and allow them to operate longer. This is called regeneration. At times, forced regeneration may be necessary if the component gets clogged.

EGR Systems Explained

Your EGR systems are a great aftertreatment methodology, for they actually prevent NOx production rather than deal with the output itself. By funneling spent exhaust fumes into a cooler and then back into your combustion chamber, your combustion temperature drops, and NOx production drops along with it. This system is facilitated by an EGR valve that can malfunction or fail over time due to the number of unfiltered emissions that pass through it. Fortunately, we here at Accelerated Fleet Services have EGR repair and maintenance services of all kinds. Call today to learn more.

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