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Lift gate, Moffett & Princeton Modifications Repair Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Fleet Lift gate, Moffett & Princeton Modifications Service in Dallas, Fort Worth

Mechanics performing lift gate repairs at Accelerated Fleet Services

Are you looking to improve the way in which you load and unload your fleet trucks? By installing a lift gate, Moffett, or Princeton, you’ll see an unparalleled level of loading and unloading ease. Accelerated Fleet Services has the high-quality material loader installation services you and your fleet deserve.

Lift gate Installation Benefits

Adding a lift gate to the back of your medium-duty box truck or your heavy-duty trailer can be a great way to increase your loading and unloading abilities. Rather than using a forklift to load cargo, you can simply dolly it onto the lift gate, and dolly it into the trailer. This allows for easy loading and unloading regardless of where you are. It’s not always possible to have a forklift on hand, especially for those working in areas with less than satisfactory terrain.

Moffett Installation Benefits

Moffetts are basically large forklifts that mount to the back of a heavy-duty flatbed. Rather than having to dolly cargo onto a lift gate, your Moffett will be able to load and unload cargo with its hydraulic loader. Taking a material handler with you on your travels has never been easier. At Accelerated Fleet Services, we offer Moffett installations to fleets in and around Dallas, Fort Worth. Optimize your fleet’s loading and unloading abilities today by giving us a call and arranging an appointment!

Princeton Installation Benefits

Installing Princeton material handlers on the back of your heavy-duty flatbed trucks is one of the best ways to optimize your loading and unloading capabilities. Why waste time and resources on hauling around forklifts when you can get a Princeton material handler installed instead?

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Accelerated Fleet Services has been providing material handler installation services to customers in and around Dallas, Fort Worth for nearly a decade. What are you waiting for? Unparalleled loading and unloading capabilities are just one phone call away!

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