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Box Truck Repair Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Fleet Box Truck Service in Dallas, Fort Worth

Mechanic performing Box Truck Repairs at Accelerated Fleet Services

Do you need to get your fleet of box trucks repaired or maintained? If so, we here at Accelerated Fleet Services have what you need! With a wide assortment of body work, drivetrain, powertrain, suspension, and brake services, you can count on Accelerated Fleet Services to have your back.

Coolant System Services

Is one of the box trucks in your fleet overheating? If so, you may need to get your coolant system repaired. Common causes of an overheating engine include a damaged water pump, a plugged radiator, and a broken cooling fan clutch. Water pumps are responsible for pushing coolant through your system, meaning if they malfunction, coolant won’t reach your radiator and, as such, heat won’t be dispersed. Plugged radiators, on the other hand, are caused by broken down coolant that’s blocked critical coolant passages. This reduces the amount of coolant that can flow through a radiator, hence the overheating. Lastly, a fan clutch malfunction means your cooling fan won’t engage and disengage as necessary.

Body Panels and Weatherproofing

Box trucks are often used to transport precious cargo. This cargo needs to be protect from the weather and from potential theft. To accomplish this, most box trucks have high-quality weatherproofing sets. At AFS, we’ll repair or replace your weatherproofing as necessary. As for protecting cargo from potential theft, we repair, maintain, and replace box truck doors as necessary. Whether you’ve got a roll up gate or a set of swing out doors, you can count on AFS to have your back.

Powertrain and Drivetrain Services

Are you in need of powertrain or drivetrain service for your box truck. Whether you need basic engine maintenance or axle shaft replacements, you can count on Accelerated Fleet Services to get the job done right. Our services cover everything from electrical service, diagnostics, PMs, aftertreatment, and much more.

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